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   Course Module: Biomolecules
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 Module Code:  CM324

 Aims & Objectives

 Course Outline

 Recommended Text


 Part of Module - Fatty Acids, Lipids and Nucleic Acids (10 L + 4T)
 Prerequisites: 1st course in organic synthesis and/or organic mechanisms

 Module Aims:

 1. To teach students about important biomolecules essential to life
 2. To discuss aspects of the principles of organic chemistry in the
structure and function of important biomolecules.



   2-hour examination at the end of the semester (90%)
   Test and tutorials (10%)


 Learning Objectives

 After completion of study of the module you should be able to :-
 1. Understand the organic chemical principles in life processes.
 2. Understand the structure and function of important biological
molecules such as DNA, RNA and some enzymes.
 3. Understand biological processes such as protein biosynthesis, DNA replication and RNA biosynthesis.
 4. Understand the genetic code, molecular basis of mutation, PCR and nucleic acid sequencing.
 5. Follow courses in biochemistry and cellular biology.
 6. Apply fundamental mechanistic chemistry to understand biological processes.
 7. Apply fundamental synthetic chemistry to biological molecules.
 8. Understand the interaction of small molecules with polymeric molecules.
 9. Follow many new developments in the field of molecular biology and medicine.
 10. Follow new developments in nutrition involving fats.
 11. Follow some applications of organic chemistry in drug synthesis and medicine.
 12. Understand industrial applications of oils and fats, especially for
food, detergents and oleochemicals.
 13. Scan the frontiers of the current knowledge of chemistry in life
and medicine.