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   Course on Natural Products

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 4.1  Syllabus on NATURAL PRODUCTS
 a.  Natural Products and the Biosphere
    You can smell them, you may eat them
     Some may heed them, the amorous will need them
     Attract or repel sayeth the flora
     Fight or flight respondth the fauna
 b.  Natural Products and Cancer
     Colchicine, vincristine, vinblastine
     Bleomycin, daunorubicin, mitomycin
     Podophyllotoxin, camptothecin, taxol
     Add the synthetics and you have it all
 c.  Natural Products against Malaria
     Malaria the worst scourge the tropics have seen
     Cinchona makes quinine, chemists chloroquine
     But the pesky bug fought back for sure
     Be ready with artemisinin or qinghaosu
 d.  Natural Products against Bacteria
     On penicillin & cephalosporin we depend
     But vancomycin is the last stand
     Natural products of old come from dirt and sand
     From sea or land, skin of frog or that of man
 e.  Natural Products and Insect Ecology
     Sound or light we have not heard or seen
     Ours is the world of polyketides and isoprene
     For pheromones and scents, our senses are keen
     To love, to survive and little ones to wean
 f.  Natural Products and Human Behaviour
     From steroids to amphetamines
     Cannabinoids to morphine
     Use or abuse is up to the human being
     But greater glory will yet be seen
 g.  Biosynthesis - the Common Thread
     What ? a billion compounds to fill the universal void?
     Fear not, my friend; principles to learn, pitfalls to avoid
     Whether androstane, corticosteroid or alkaloid
     Only two reactions to polyketides and three to terpenoids
Text : P.M. Dewick "Medicinal Natural Products" or Mann "Secondary
Metabolism" & Selected Readings.