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SH Goh: Degrees and Professional:
BSc Hons-1, MSc (Malaya), PhD (Chicago), FRSC C.Chem., FMIC, Member ACS & ARIC, Fellow ASM
Previous Positions: Chair and Professor of Organic Chemistry (Univ. Malaya); Research Associate (Universities of Chicago, Cornell and Texas A&M),Visiting Professor (Univ. of Melbourne and Australian National Univ.); Senior Fellow (Nat. Univ. Singapore); Hon Sen Res Fellow, Forest Research Institute of Malaysia; Formerly Member, MPOB Programme Advisory Committee for Research.
Awards: State Scholar, University of Malaya Entrance scholar, Hutchings scholar (honorary); Uniroyal Fellow; Fulbright Scholar; Malaysian Institute of Chemistry Gold medallist; Elected Fellow, Academy of Sciences Malaysia; co-winner Toray MSTF Award 2016;
Present Activities: Editor (Malaysian Oil Science and Technology); Council Member (Malaysian Oil Science and Technology Association); Member of Editorial Board (Elaeis, Journal for Palm Oil and Oil Palm Research); Advisor, Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, Kuching, Sarawak; Internat Collaborative Researcher & Advisor, Universiti UTAR
Research Activities: Natural Products & Drug Discovery; Natural Insecticides; Oils and Fats; Free Radicals and Carbenes; Chemicals and Cancer
Previous Consultancies: Water Quality of Malaysia; Industrial Master Plan of Malaysia; Natural Products & Biodiversity; Botanicals; Pesticides; Palm Oil Research

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