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   Course Module: Biomolecules

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 Module Code:  CM324

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 3.1  Syllabus on BIOMOLECULES






 a.  Begin at the beginning .... "In the beginning .... "
    With NH3, HCN, CO, C2H2 as building blocks as far as we can see
     First, nucleic acid bases then catalytic biomolecules to be
     A chemistry of self assembly of molecular types begin
     Marvellous forms of life to create as if by a hand unseen
 b.  When are fats not fat ?
     Fatty acids and glycerides make food - Oh glorious food
     Fatty derivatives make creams and lotions to suit every mood
     Surfactants and detergents will keep things soft and clean
     When fats, fake or real, are for the body, healthy and prim
 c.  If food (the fatty type) is glorious, what are we to eat ?
     In essence the eight or ten are medium chain saturates
     To be essential add up to twenty or so, polyunsaturates
     Fake fat, chocolate, ice cream, the palate to please
     Keep the balance, avoid cancer, stroke or heart disease
 d.  Fats, Cholesterol and water do mix
     Fats and water, a mixing problem we know too well
     Lipoproteins, Lpa, LDL, HDL and what else?
     But from the heart a little secret there is to tell
     Keep the "good cholesterol" and out with LDL
 e.  Synthesis of Fatty acids
     To delve in the complex world of fatty acids
     Need we but two reactions for their synthesis
     Of alkynes and Wittig to make the trans and cis
     And two more reactions for their biosynthesis
 f.  Life with the Double Helix
     Four alphabets plus one to life's blueprint
     DNA, your destiny, good looks or the squint
     Nurture, nature or whatever you may think
     Leave not your DNA but only your footprint
 g.  The First Secret of Life
     One molecule to two, identical to perfection
     It is life's little secret, this replication
     But hold it, immortality is not to be a predestination
     Alas, beyond scope are secrets of sex and reproduction
 h.  When DNA is not perfect
     DNA in double helix with grooves major and minor
     When nucleophiles and radicals come in close encounter
     Strand cleavage by hydrolysis or some fragmentation
     Oh what destruction or will repair forbid mutation
 i.  Genes and RNA
     With genes and genetic engineering many lives will change
     Ribose, RNA and genetic code and life will never be the same
     Just a few alphabets and proteins and enzymes made to order
     PCR, the chemist's dream, from one molecule, make a zillion more
 j.  Of AIDs and Drugs
     When fearful AIDS strike sign up against reverse transcriptase
     Modify the alphabets, use liposomes, lipase or hydrolase
     Replication, transcription and apoptosis do make little sense
     But all that we have is protease inhibitor, AZT and antisense
 k.  The Future
     The human genome by the next millenium will be
     For all, of creation so naked and glorious to see
     Cloning, gene repair, body parts or whatever may be
     Will wisdom prevail over the madness for immortality